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30 minutes (including anaesthetic application)


24-48 hours

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6-9 months



Enhance and define the natural shape of your lips with Dermal fillers; a smooth hyalouronic acid (HA) based gel , HA is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. With dermal fillers we can hydrate, restore, define, volumise, and plump the lips.  Juvederm is the brand of choice at The Aesthetic Rooms as they are FDA approved and carry an international CE marking, other brands are available on request. Lip enhancement treatments are bespoke and tailored to your desired results. Some patients prefer to have a very natural enhancement to restore lost volume in the lips and others choose to have treatment to define and shape the lips. A thorough consultation is carried out pre treatment.


+ Price

Juvederm Ultra 2 0.55ml £125
Juvederm Ultra 3 1ml £225
Volbella 1ml £250

+ Does it hurt?

A strong topical anaesthetic is applied to the lips prior to the treatment and local anaesthetic is already mixed with the Juvederm dermal fillers so it’s a similar feeling to being at the dentist. There may be a mild discomfort but most patients are surprised by how little it hurts.

+ Will I have swelling & bruising?

It’s common for most patients to experience some swelling after the procedure, some will have mild swelling and others can has significant swelling on and around the lips. Taking an anti histamine is advised if you experience this. As with all injections bruising can occur, some patients will have no bruises at all where others can bruise for a few days. Arnica tablets or cream is recommended if you are prone to bruising although make up (after 6 hours) usually cover it well.

+ Is it safe?

Juvederm products are FDA approved and provide certified medical devices. They carry the European CE mark and are only purchased through reputable pharmacy’s.

+ Can it be reversed?

Yes, dermal fillers an be broken down with an antidote called hyalase. This can be prescribed and administered by Zoe if required. It is very rare for a patient to request dermal fillers be reversed but it is reassuring to know that it can be done. Zoe may choose to reverse existing dermal filler before your treatment if deemed necessary, this will be discussed during your consultation.





Zoe has worked from various clinics and salons around the Rochdale offering treatments for a number of years. She has built a firm following and strong reputation for her professionalism and skills.

Zoe studied at Salford university in 2003 working at Birch hill hospital & the Rochdale infirmary and qualified as an Adult Nurse in 2006. Zoe left the NHS but remained on the nursing bank. Having a keen interest in non-surgical cosmetic treatments Zoe continued studying, attending various courses across the UK learning about Aesthetics. Her career started at a well established skin specialist clinic - Skin Genesis based in Manchester, and in 2008 moved to the Advanced Hair & Skin Clinic, Rochdale. Zoe worked from various salons holding clinic days carrying out injectable treatments around Rochdale and Manchester.