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Anti-wrinkle injections involve a number of small injections using Botulinum Toxin which is commonly referred to as ‘Botox’ the brand name and original form of the drug. It is a natural protein that is produced by bacteria.

Wrinkles result from a combination of many factors, it isn’t only due to the ageing process & collagen depletion. When you frown or concentrate, the muscles between your brows contract causing your skin to furrow and fold. Botox works beneath the skins surface and targets the underlying muscle activity that causes lines to form over time.

Botox is injected with a micro-needle into the muscles that cause lines, temporarily reducing the activity of those muscles. The result is a smoother, softer appearance of the lines and wrinkles, and a youthful looking skin. Leaving you feeling and looking fresher.


+ Price

Frown lines £100
Crows feet £120
Frown and forehead £180
Frown and crows feet £180
Three areas £220
Additional areas – price on consultation

+ When will I see the results?

It takes 4-7 days to start seeing the results after Botox injections, and up to 2 weeks for the full effects of the treatment.

+ What will I look like after the procedure?

After you’ve had the treatment your skin can look slightly red and have raised bumps at the injection sites, this typically only lasts 30 minutes or so and will calm down completely. No make up can be applied although we stock a sterile cover up if necessary.

+ Does it hurt?

Botox injections are administered using a micro fine needle similar to that used with insulin dependant diabetics. Although there are multiple injection sites it’s a relatively pain free treatment. It’s similar to plucking your eyebrows or popping a spot. Any discomfort lasts for mere seconds.

+ How does Botox feel?

As botox starts to work on the muscles it can feel tight, almost like a face mask drying on your skin. Some people will experience a headache which will be temporary and others feel a slight heaviness for a few days. Occasionally there can be slight bruising for a few days post treatment, arnica cream or tablets are recommended if this occurs.

+ I don’t want a ‘frozen’ look

Each patient will have a through consultation prior to their treatment where desired results will be discussed. The correct dose will be administered to treat your specific requirements Botox isn’t a one dose suits all treatment. A lot of patients ask for a natural looking improvement so the treatment will be tailored to you.

+ Who carries out the consultation and treatment?

Zoe Pearson carries out a face to face consultation in her private treatment room, she is a registered nurse and an independent prescriber which means that all elements of your treatment are with one person. Botulinum Toxin Type A (Botox) is a prescription only medication and can only be prescribed by a medical professional with the right qualifications.

+ Are there any side effects?

A list of side effects are outlined in your consent form, although rare you must be made aware of them. All of our treatments are performed inline with strict medical protocols and to a night clinical standard. This will minimise any of the common side effects and risks, it will be discussed during your consultation. Zoe attends regular training courses to maintain up to date knowledge and skills.

+ Can you reverse botox?

Botox cannot be reversed or removed, however, most unwanted side affects such a heavy brow or “spock”(high) brow can usually be treated and rectified. If the results are not to your liking botox does start to wear off after 12 weeks and your appearance will return to how it was prior to treatment once it has worn off completely.

+ What do I need to avoid after treatment?

Following treatment you must avoid exercise and alcohol for at least 24 hours. Avoid lying totally flat for 4 hours post treatment. Saunas, steam rooms and sun exposure including sun beds must be avoided for 14 days. We ask that you do not apply make up for at least 6 hours.





Zoe has worked from various clinics and salons around the Rochdale offering treatments for a number of years. She has built a firm following and strong reputation for her professionalism and skills.

Zoe studied at Salford university in 2003 working at Birch hill hospital & the Rochdale infirmary and qualified as an Adult Nurse in 2006. Zoe left the NHS but remained on the nursing bank. Having a keen interest in non-surgical cosmetic treatments Zoe continued studying, attending various courses across the UK learning about Aesthetics. Her career started at a well established skin specialist clinic - Skin Genesis based in Manchester, and in 2008 moved to the Advanced Hair & Skin Clinic, Rochdale. Zoe worked from various salons holding clinic days carrying out injectable treatments around Rochdale and Manchester.