45 minutes


14 Days

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Annual treatment



If you have pigmentation, whether its caused by sun damage, hormonal changes, or acne, the Prodigy Peel System P3 is ideal for your skin!

This procedure can only be carried out buy medical staff due to the treatment depth. It is a pharmaceutical grade skin peel featuring high percentages of acids:

14% Lactic Acid

14% Resorcinol Acid

14% Salicylic Acid

This peel is designed to maximise cellular renewal at a deeper level.

  • Powerfully targets pigmentation

  • Enhances the cellular renewal response (new skin cells replace old dull, cells)

  • A renewed, brighter complexion

Most patients only require one, or possibly two treatments (for severe pigmentation).

You will experience sheet skin shedding post treatment (pieces of dead skin falling away). The skin will become darker and very dry, the shed over the few days following the procedure. Depending on the condition of the skin, shedding can last up to 10 days.

It is very important to prepare your skin with the iS Clinical homeware regime and to continue use after the treatment.

Results are visible with in 14 days.

Pre treatment skincare, one skin peel and your post treatment kit (skincare for 3 months) are included in the price.


+ How will my skin be straight after the treatment?

Your skin will feel tight, warm and tingly upon leaving the clinic, it may start to feel warmer throughout the day. You will look red and flushed.

+ How much downtime is there?

Your skin will feel tight for a few days, then it will begin to peel and shed in areas. The skin shedding can come away in big clumps and must not be picked. You will be supplied with scissors to use to cut away excess skin, but be prepared for it to look unsightly for up to 14 days. This is a medium depth peel and will cause extreame flaking.

+ What should be avoided prior to my peel?

Avoid for 1 week before: Electrolysis or laser hair removal Waxing/depilatory creams Exfolliation products or treatments including microdermabrasion Retinol creams and serums

+ What do I need to avoid post treatment?

So that the skin is not agrivated after your treatment and to achieve optimum results you must avoid the following: Hot showers or baths for 24 hours Washing your hair for 24 hours Sun exposure while the skin recovers Exercise for 24 hours Sunbeds for 4 weeks Self tan for 14 days Saunas, steam rooms and swimming for 48 hours





Zoe has worked from various clinics and salons around the Rochdale offering treatments for a number of years. She has built a firm following and strong reputation for her professionalism and skills.

Zoe studied at Salford university in 2003 working at Birch hill hospital & the Rochdale infirmary and qualified as an Adult Nurse in 2006. Zoe left the NHS but remained on the nursing bank. Having a keen interest in non-surgical cosmetic treatments Zoe continued studying, attending various courses across the UK learning about Aesthetics. Her career started at a well established skin specialist clinic - Skin Genesis based in Manchester, and in 2008 moved to the Advanced Hair & Skin Clinic, Rochdale. Zoe worked from various salons holding clinic days carrying out injectable treatments around Rochdale and Manchester.